The Aaron Lincoln Smith Podcast  

The Aaron Lincoln Smith Podcast

Author: Aaron Lincoln Smith

Follow Aaron Lincoln Smith on a journey into mystery as this 39 year-old married father of 3, teacher by trade, and aspiring independent singer-songwriter muses monthly on the stories from his life that have developed into song, and that no one has heardyet
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The Aaron Lincoln Smith Podcast Episode 2
Episode 2
Sunday, 11 September, 2022

Who is the Glasgow Girl? Why is each day, and even our cosmos itself, such a staggering miracle? What does it mean to live life in the best of all possible worlds, and how does this concept relate to theoretical physics and even a little bit of analytic philosophy? How do we place those that we have loved romantically for a short period of time into the proper context of our lives as a whole? Answers to these questions and more are just over the horizon on the Aaron Lincoln Smith podcast episode 2! And don't forget to check out Aaron's song “Glasgow Girl,” which is available now on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you stream your music. 


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