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The Blogtacular Podcast: Creativity, The Internet & Everything. Unpacking the inspiration, fails and success of some of the biggest creators working online. From art to insta and everything in between, Blogtacular explores it all in interviews and advice from host Kat Molesworth.
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052: Pinterest Brand New Feature Story Pins Live Podcast
Episode 8
Thursday, 26 September, 2019

This is a live podcast recording brought to you in partnership with our sponsors Pinterest. The show is in two halves, firstly Kat is joined by Pat McNulty, freelance Editor and Content Consultant and the woman behind's winning Pinterest content. She has a knack for creating social media content which strikes a cord with her audience. Their interview is followed by a panel with supreme bloggers, Medina Grillo of Grillo Designs, Samira Kazan of AlphaFoodie and Jenny Kakoudakis of Seasons in Colour who discuss how to succeed on Pinterest, their top tips and how to use the new Story Pins feature. Full show notes at: Enter the Pinterest UK Awards 2019:


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