The Battles of History  

The Battles of History

Author: Taabish Nadeem

In this podcast, I will be discussing battles thought history in depth. The tactics, units involved, people in command and more. Join us as we are taken back to times of great courage and ferocity in The Battles of History podcast. Support this podcast:
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Evolution Of The Tank (F.T. Narayan Sengupta, the author of The Used Tank Guide)
Episode 8
Monday, 31 August, 2020

Announcement: More episodes are on their way and I'm writing a book on alt-history! Coming soon.  Don't Forget to support me by visiting my Patreon at Also, visit my website at And my Anchor account at And if you want to support me on Anchor go to Special Shoutout to Ben Coppersmith for the support of $1 a month. It helps me grow my Podcast for the Future but most importantly the present. Today's episode is on the evolution of tanks from the early concepts of the Tank to the WW1 developments.  My Guest for today is Narayan Sengupta, the author of The Used Tank Guide which you can find here: Taabish Nadeem… Narayan Sengupta, the author of The Used Tank Guide, lives in Atlanta. WWI (1914-1918) is perfectly timed with the invention of the tank We’ll sweep through what is a tank, its precursors, and WWI’s key models. Necessity is the mother of invention Tank catalyzed by the unique circumstances of WWI What’s a tank? A motorized, armored and armed vehicle with caterpillar treads. Precursors (da Vinci, Jan Žižka) Da Vinci’s was in some sense a very elaborate doodle. Impractical. Wheels. Long overhang. Only one weapon fires in one direction. Defensive. Chinese in 119 BC and more famously Jan Zizka’s (Yan Zhishka) is more interesting, but was a dead end, which begs the question of why? Wheels need roads. Defensive weapon. Etc. Not as good as alternatives. Not necessary to have these armored wagons. Early attempts (massive casualties, trenches, rolling personal shields – too cumbersome and heavy w/ a rifle (limited firepower); armored cars) Holt tractors for artillery could go cross country Mother, Little Willie Mark I St. Chamond/Schneider Mark II-V A7V German behemoth Whippet Renault FT --- Support this podcast:


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