#CageClub: The Nicolas Cage Podcast  

#CageClub: The Nicolas Cage Podcast

Two fans. One Cage.

Author: Joey Lewandowski and Mike Manzi

Welcome to #CageClub! Joey Lewandowski and Mike Manzi are watching all of Cage's movies, writing about them at, and podcasting about them. Join them on this journey! Presented by the CageClub Podcast Network.
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Renfield (2023)
Monday, 17 April, 2023

Nicolas Cage is back in theaters with Renfield, and #CageClub is back with a spoiler-filled review of the movie! We're talking about Nicolas Cage's portrayal of Dracula, his return to vampire living, and whether or not this was the type of film he always saw himself playing one of his dream roles. Joey shares his worries about the film (and whether or not they manifested), Mike offers some Universal monster history, and we discuss whether or not the movie "feels" like New Orleans. We pitch alternate versions of Renfield, ways to tighten up the movie, and Cage embracing a role in a way that isn't "Cage-y." We look ahead to upcoming Nicolas Cage movies, try to link Universal's recent monster releases, and discuss the (other) Dracula trailer that played before we saw Renfield.


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