#CageClub: The Nicolas Cage Podcast  

#CageClub: The Nicolas Cage Podcast

Two fans. One Cage.

Author: Joey Lewandowski and Mike Manzi

Welcome to #CageClub! Joey Lewandowski and Mike Manzi are watching all of Cage's movies, writing about them at, and podcasting about them. Join them on this journey! Presented by the CageClub Podcast Network.
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Butcher’s Crossing (2023)
Tuesday, 17 October, 2023

This has been a banner year for Nicolas Cage fans, as Butcher’s Crossing marks his sixth (!) new film of the year… so far! This is a moderately spoiler-heavy episode, so if you want to wait until you’ve seen the movie (releasing in theaters on Friday, Oct. 20 and on VOD after that) to listen, just know: it’s Cage’s best movie of the year so far. We talk about feeling re-energized for this podcast based on the success of this movie, we admire the cinematography (and the landscape of the American West in general), and we discuss cinematic name coincidences. We talk about the tragedy of the American bison (and how it correlates to modern waste), Cage’s bold (read: incredible) look in this movie, and how Butcher’s Crossing adds elements of horror without ever going full-tilt. We find a new wrinkle on a Cage movie staple, talk about Cage’s character’s slow descent into madness, and whether or not Cage’s star meter is higher right now than it’s been since 2008.


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