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Sounds On Vinyl

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Mike Svensson, the lead singer of the bands Grand Rezerva, Dead Anarchy & Solid Rust and Phil Bowyer, co-founder of BoozeHound Entertainment talk about collecting and listening to vinyl records. Intro and Outro music by Grand Rezerva (
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Metallica, Hysteria, Gibson Guitars & Undertakers (S7 E18)
Episode 18
Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

Welcome to the Sounds On Vinyl Show, brought to you by BoozeHound Entertainment. This week - Graphic Novels from Metallica and Def Leppard are coming soon, Metallica celebrates the life of Megaforce Records founder Jon "Jonny Z" Zazula with an epic set list (that we think should be put on vinyl). Gibson Guitars announced an auction event to raise funds for the people of Ukraine. Instruments played by Slash, Paul McCartney, and Alex Lifeson were on the block.And, we have a debate on whether Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll, and if he and the Beatles should get the credit for the music we have today. What do you think? Let us know: show notes @ SoundsOnVinyl.comPlaylists: Videos: Episode Collections: If you really dig what we’re doing and would like to support our show, please visit to support the show.---Credits:Hosts:Mike Svensson - Instagram Phil Bowyer - Vero / TwitterIntro & Outro:Voice Over: Kate Bowyer - Vero / TwitterMusic: Dead Anarchy - Website / License---Thank you for listening! We love you! Keep Rockin’!Copyright BoozeHound Entertainment & BoozeHound Music. All Rights Reserved. Music courtesy Shot Glass Records, a BoozeHound Company. Some links may be affiliate links. We may get a small commission if you sign up or purchase using our link. This is just one way you can help support the show.


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