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Wisconsin Music Podcast

AMPLIFYING WISCONSIN MUSICIANS Wisconsin Music Podcast delivers you great music from Wisconsin musicians and great information from Wisconsin businesses and organizations.

Author: Zach T Fell

AMPLIFYING WISCONSIN MUSICIANS WMPodcast interviews local Wisconsin musicians on their journey from their first group, solo endeavor, hired studio work, local community groups, and more, to their present day activities in the local music scene. We will also talk with music businesses and music organizations. Well talk about their origin story, what their influences are, what they do to hone their talents and their skills to be where they are today. What they feel is not only suffocating the local music scene, but, better yet, what they feel is helping push the local scene into the limelight. Also hear about gigs theyve played that made an impression on them and why. . . and much more.
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WMP 145: Savory blend of various genres, an In-Depth Interview with Carmen Nickerson
Episode 145
Monday, 10 June, 2024

WISCONSIN MUSIC PODCAST WMP Linktree: AMPLFYING WISCONSIN MUSIC Episode 145 CARMEN NICKERSON Welcome to a captivating new episode of the Wisconsin Music Podcast with your host, Zach Felt. In this episode, we are treated to an exclusive discussion with indie artist Carmen Nickerson whose music crafts soul-stirring melodies and insightful lyrics. Carmen's debut solo studio album, 'Room to Grow', a collaboration with esteemed musician Willie Porter, is a musical masterpiece that stirs deep feelings and ignites the imagination. Coming from rural Iowa, Carmen's music is a savory blend of various genres, leaving an enduring impact on her audience. 'Room to Grow' represents her artistic flowering, encapsulating genuine stories from her farm life upbringing and her vision for unity in her piece 'Ascension'. Delve into Carmen's captivating background, from early piano lessons to choir performances throughout her schooling and her breakthrough into songwriting in LA. In this engrossing narrative, Carmen covers the exhilarating roller coaster of her musical career, starting from her duo album, 'Bonfire to Ash', to exhilarating national tours, and the recording of her latest album. She sheds light on the vital role of networking in the industry, her prolific collaborations, and the varied genres she's explored. Carmen stresses the importance of supporting musicians, encouraging listeners to purchase CDs and contribute to crowdfunding initiatives. Have an insider's perspective of Wisconsin's music scene through Carmen Nickerson. Proving that talent, dedication, and passion can ignite a luminous musical career, Carmen's story is an inspiring tale for all. Learn more about her work and her views on the ever-changing music industry in this insightful episode of the Wisconsin Music Podcast.


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