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AMPLIFYING WISCONSIN MUSICIANS Wisconsin Music Podcast delivers you great music from Wisconsin musicians and great information from Wisconsin businesses and organizations.

Author: Zach T Fell

AMPLIFYING WISCONSIN MUSICIANS WMPodcast interviews local Wisconsin musicians on their journey from their first group, solo endeavor, hired studio work, local community groups, and more, to their present day activities in the local music scene. We will also talk with music businesses and music organizations. Well talk about their origin story, what their influences are, what they do to hone their talents and their skills to be where they are today. What they feel is not only suffocating the local music scene, but, better yet, what they feel is helping push the local scene into the limelight. Also hear about gigs theyve played that made an impression on them and why. . . and much more.
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WMP #106: From Karaoke to Cover Band to Original Rock - Blame It On Cain with Singer Sam Boettcher
Episode 106
Monday, 29 May, 2023

WISCONSIN MUSIC PODCAST AMPLFYING WISCONSIN MUSIC EPISODE 106 Sam Boettcher of BLAME IT ON CAIN   If you’ve found yourself poking around iTunes lately, you’ve probably bumped into a litany of highly-polished, over compressed, auto-tuned pop music. Boring. “What happened to Rock?”, you wonder. Happily, it’s right here ... in Beertown, USA. Blame It On Cain. Rock Done Right.  The band released their debut album, ‘Rhythm Schism’ in 2008 and the album stretched beyond the usual boundaries of local radio and internet play. Their song, “Yesterday’s Happy” was released nationally on a compilation CD from Versailles Records. “Miami Beach” was the theme song for an animated web-series based on the east coast. And the band was invited on stage with Brian Vander Ark of the Verve Pipe, to sit in on a couple of acoustic numbers with the multi-platinum selling artist. A refreshed sound emerged and the band went back into the studio to record ‘Big Down Under’ in 2017. The album instantly received positive reviews from critics and fans, and the initial printing sold-out. With little down time, the band went back to writing and, in May 2019, released, ‘Amp Grease’. The album features eight newly recorded tunes and explores a number of different textures. Their latest album - “Implied Maturity” - features 9 new, eclectic songs; from the bluesy “Blush” to the reflective “Summerhill”, and from the gritty-drive of “Story Of Your Lies” to the delicate “Love, Not Change”. The album is a departure from previous releases, as this is the band’s first all-acoustic effort. It is available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, Pandora and other streaming services.  The idea to do an all-acoustic album came after Cain played a set at an unplugged festival in Sturgeon Bay. The band then used the pandemic and lockdown to their advantage, by slowly writing and continually reworking the album until they were satisfied with the result.   Blame It On Cain is: Sam Boettcher (vocals), Steve Draganchuk (guitar) Rich Seegert (drums) Kevin Schwerdtfeger (bass). CONTACT: Links Spotify:   Reverbnation:   Bandcamp:   Facebook:   Apple Music:   YouTube:      


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