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Curious Minds at Work

Author: Gayle Allen

Want to get better at work? At managing others? Managing yourself? Gayle Allen interviews experts who take your performance to the next level. Each episode features a book with insights to help you achieve your goals.
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CM 266: Jeff Wetzler on Deepening Connections
Monday, 20 May, 2024

We’re surrounded by people with knowledge. The manager who can provide expert feedback or the colleague who has important information. These kinds of insights can help us achieve our goals. Yet as much as we need that knowledge, we often don’t act in ways that invite it. It’s when the project runs behind or we can’t make our numbers that we realize, often too late, that asking sooner could have made all the difference. These are the results Jeff Wetzler can help us avoid. His book, Ask: Tap into the Hidden Wisdom of People around You for Unexpected Breakthroughs in Leadership and Life, is a call to arms for regularly making asks that elicit the insights we need. His strategies are important for individuals, teams, and organizations. Episode Links How to Get the Honest Input You Need from Your Employees What Happens When You’re Blindsided at Work? Why We Don’t Raise Tough Issues and How to Get Better at It Interview with Anh Dao Pham on How to Succeed as a Project Leader The Team Learn more about host, Gayle Allen, and producer, Rob Mancabelli, here. Support the Podcast If you like the show, please rate and review it on iTunes or wherever you subscribe, and tell a friend or family member about the show. Subscribe Click here and then scroll down to see a sample of sites where you can subscribe.


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