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Design Nonfiction

Transformations in design practice between the Dotcom Crash and the rise of machine intelligence.

Author: Tellart

Design Nonfiction is a documentary and podcast series of over 50 interviews with world-renowned designers and artists working with science and technology. Told through personal conversations with todays top design practitioners, Design Nonfiction examines how design has evolved over the past twenty years and how it will be forced to further adapt in the near future. Access our whole library of video interviews at
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02 - David Rose
Episode 2
Thursday, 25 June, 2020

In this episode, we talk to David Rose, at the time of the interview vice president of Vision Technology at Warby Parker, lecturer, and researcher at MIT Media labs and Author of the book Enchanted Objects. David told us about data, privacy and trust, peripheral vision, and the future of user interfaces.


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