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Welcome to Small Town News, located at the intersection of hardcore journalism and jelly-filled comedy. Each episode we read articles from small town newspapers from around the United States and use them to inspire improv stories. We've got fireworks filled with rattlesnakes. We've got a parade of painfully bad accents. We've got no idea what states border Michigan. But no matter where the story ends, it's all 100% true. Promise. Check our sources. Seriously.
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Cave Creek, AZ - Ugg and His Pizza Buddies Get Leaky Gut
Episode 48
Saturday, 3 December, 2022

Welcome to Cave Creek, Arizona, "Where the Wild West Lives."  Located in the Sonoran Desert, the town was settled in 1870 by soldiers from Fort McDowell.  In 1873 prospectors found gold in parts of upper Cave Creek and started a 20 year "gold rush" in Cave Creek.  As the gold rush subsided, cattle ranching and sheep grazing became popular.  As drought and overgrazing took its toll on the west, central Arizona became a popular destination for those suffering from tuberculosis.  The Desmount Sanitarium opened in 1920 with 16 small buildings to house patients.  The Sanitarium closed in 1929 as the Great Depression gripped the nation.  One cabin still remains and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  In June of 2009, the town attracted national attention when a card draw was used to break a tie in a local election.  The Arizona State Constitution allows a game of chance to be used to break ties.  We hope you enjoy of visit to Cave Creek!


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