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"Talkin' SXS"

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Interviewing people in the off road community and bringing you something different when it comes to off road content.
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Talkin' SXS Episode 10: Megan Rion from Mud Madness
Episode 10
Monday, 15 July, 2024

🎥 Talkin' SXS: Episode 10 - Megan Rion from Mud Madness 🎥Welcome to Episode 10 of Talkin' SXS! In this episode, we feature Megan Rion, one of the breakout stars from Discovery Channel's Mud Madness. Megan, known for her pink-haired, tomboy persona, has taken the mud racing world by storm with her rig, Diamond Dust. Despite her relatively recent entry into the sport in 2018, Megan's fearless racing style and vibrant personality have made her a standout competitor. We'll explore her experiences on the show, her custom rig features, and her behind-the-scenes stories with fellow racers.Join us as Megan shares her insights into the high-octane world of mud racing, her future plans, and what it's like balancing the adrenaline rush of racing with her personal life. Don't miss this exciting and inspirational episode! #TalkinSXS #MeganRion #MudMadness #OffRoadRacing #CardoFam 🚜💨🔥 Brought to you by, and Like the headsets, SAVE 10% ON CARDO PRODUCTS HERE with code "TALKINSXS" -


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