Refusing to Settle  

Refusing to Settle

Author: Clark Kegley - Refusing to Settle

From buried in debt and living in his moms basement, to running a highly successful six-figure business, Clark is the epitome of an entrepreneurial underdog. Clark founded Refusing to Settle to help inspire others to stop settling and start living. Refusing to Settle is for those looking to disrupt the status quo and reach their highest potential. Who is Clark? He literally started from the bottom and now hes here. Formerly a lost and confused soul, Hes now a professional drummer, high-performance coach, life-hack ninja and internet marketer. He is the creator of popular online courses including Backstage Studio, Video Breakthrough Academy, and My Best Journal 2.0,. To date, Refusing to Settle has published over 400 videos, receiving over 9 million views and 153,000 subscribers worldwide. You can drop Clark a line on his never-updated blog:
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