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Beyond the Numbers with McKissock Appraisal

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Welcome to Beyond the Numbers with McKissock Appraisal, a podcast series hosted BY real estate appraisal experts FOR real estate appraisers. If you're looking for the latest professional news updates, are aiming to take your appraisal career to the next level, or you're just starting out in real estate appraisal, this podcast series is just what you need to help establish a firm foothold within the profession.
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RSDS Appraisal Diversity with Robbie Wilson — Equity and Inclusion in Real Estate Appraisal
Episode 6
Wednesday, 22 February, 2023

“Appraisal Bias and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”As Robbie Wilson explains, the RSDS model was created to help solve one of the biggest problems for new appraisers entering into the profession — barrier to entry. By knocking down these barriers and increasing diversity, the RSDS solution is able to more aggressively hire and train the next generation of professional appraisers. Consequently, these individuals, many of  whom may have otherwise been locked out of the system to start with, are given an opportunity to thrive as real estate appraisers.Julie and Robert go on to discuss how RSDS maintains compliance while assisting individuals prepare to find work in their desired market, how RSDS has been handling the slow down in the residential lending market, and the importance of remaining neutral while acting professionally as a real estate appraiser.TOPICS WE DISCUSS DURING THIS EPISODE:How RSDS is attempting to create a more diverse real estate appraisal industryThe generational problem of entry into the industry that RSDS is working againstHow biased appraisal processes are being corrected to improve the industryInterested in partnering with McKissock Learning for high-quality education solutions? Check out our website and become a member today: MENTIONED DURING EPISODE:Official Website - RSDS


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