Socials with the Saints | a Pilgrim Center of Hope podcast  

Socials with the Saints | a Pilgrim Center of Hope podcast

Author: Pilgrim Center of Hope

Socials with the Saints (SWTS) is an event, video series, and podcast produced by Pilgrim Center of Hope to learn from role models of faith and from one another, for fellowship, prayer, and receiving spiritual tools.
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Genres: Christianity, History, Religion & Spirituality

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Meet Pope St. Pius V | Socials with the Saints
Episode 29
Thursday, 25 May, 2023

Have a Social with the Saints! Join Angela Sealana, Media Coordinator for Pilgrim Center of Hope as she shares the extraordinary life of Pope St. Pius V, who came from a poor family and helped to reform the papacy, as well as standardizing the Rosary prayer and more. What will he teach you? Get a free saint quote card and pamphlet of Pope St. Pius V here. We invite you to share them with friends and family. All for free! We want to hear from you! What struck you about Pope St. Pius V? Please send us your feedback to join the conversation by email at The official Socials with the Saints theme song is “Hero's Ascent” by Chris Haugen. Used with permission. Thanks for listening and remember, you are never alone in the communion of the saints! May God bless you. Help us spread hope!


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