Queer Late Night Hosted by Ell McCullars  

Queer Late Night Hosted by Ell McCullars

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Author: Queer Late Night

Queer Late Night was founded under the pure notions of embracing ones intersectionality and, the willingness to share insightful stories rooted in queer culture and enriched in mental health & wellness. This podcast celebrates the importance of providing a platform for more POC to share their art, professional experience, and points of view.
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Genres: Comedy, Comedy Interviews, Health & Fitness, Sexuality

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Who's Ell McCullars A Trey Sherman Interview
Episode 3
Monday, 2 January, 2023

On this episode of QLN, Emmy Nominated journalist Trey Sherman aims the mic at Ell (Less McCullars III). The Salisbury, Maryland, born and raised now New Yorker, shares bits and pieces of his story of triumph over tribulation. It's a fun and emotional listen as he talks about his career change from public health to nightlife—the purpose of creating a podcast on unhealthy coping mechanisms with alcohol dependency and suicidal ideation. Most importantly, the understanding of creating safe boundaries and the importance of positive affirmation for oneself. Recorded August 2022Audio Editing Provided By: Ell McCullars


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