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A Wee Bit Obsessed

Author: A Wee Bit Obsessed

Two lifelong friends revisit their teenage selves by reading entries from their shared notebook that dances in and out of reality. They talk about the awkward and beautiful memories that made them who they are today. Stroll down memory lane with us. It might ignite some memories in you too!
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54. Tiny Inside Feelings
Episode 21
Friday, 10 November, 2023

The sloggish end of season 2 is now complete. Notebook number 2 ends here, on episode 54. The teens are loving Oasis and they both are now connected with DSL, not dick sucking lips folks, they both have a Digital Subscriber Line for internet access which means they can put cryptic away messages up on AIM. Amanda possibly has tiny feelings for B cubed still. The girls are going to homecoming, then it's almost Christmas break, and surprisingly they are still hot single lasses. Teen Nae slams her crush for being one dimensional and is over him. They also saw Elf for the first time 20 years AGO! The last entry from Amanda reveals both girls have plans to go to the UK?! What will happen when they go? Did they meet Dan and Tom and their mums? Season 3 may have these answers, they may not. The episode ends with another AmaNae awkward sign off.


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