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S. 8, Ep. 12: Philip Marlowe in ‘The Old Acquaintance’
Saturday, 24 September, 2022

This episode of the Crime Cafe podcast features another entry in the Adventures of Philip Marlowe entitled “The Old Acquaintance.” You might even see a few “old acquaintances” in the video version. Check us out on Patreon: Debbi (00:54): But first, let me put in a good word for Blubrry podcasting. I’m a Blubrry affiliate, but that’s not the only reason I’m telling you this. I’ve been using Blubrry Podcasting as my hosting service for my podcast for years and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. They give great customer service, you’re in complete control of your own podcast, you can run it from your own website, and it just takes a lot of the work out of podcasting for me. I find for that reason that it’s a company that I can get behind 100% and say, “You should try this.” Try Blubrry. It doesn’t require a long-term contract, and it’s just a great company, period. It also has free technical support by email, video, and phone, so you can get a human being there. Isn’t that nice? If you want to podcast, try out Blubrry. No long-term contract, excellent distribution, and great technical support, too, by email, video, and on the phone. I’ve included an affiliate link on this blog. Download a copy of the PDF transcript of this episode here. Debbi: Unfortunately, our guest will not be able to appear as planned. However, instead, I have another episode from the Philip Marlowe files. This one is called "The Old Acquaintance,” and I'd like to thank the people at Old Time Radio for preserving these episodes. THE OLD ACQUAINTANCE Marlowe: When it started a girl's wedding and New Year's Eve were only six hours away. And I didn't think the bride to be would make either one of them, but that was before I ran up against the slot machine operator, the escape convict and above all the old acquaintance …! Announcer: From the pen of Raymond Chandler, outstanding author of crime fiction, comes his most famous character as CBS presents the Adventures of Philip Marlowe. And now with Gerald Mohr starring as Philip Marlowe,  we bring you tonight's exciting story, "The Old Acquaintance." Marlowe: At six o'clock in the last evening of the year, I was sitting with my feet up on my office desk, thinking of impossible New Year's resolutions and what the girl on my butcher's 1949 calendar would or would not be wearing. But at that present point, there was a soft, almost apologetic knock on my office door. I said, come in and saw a quiet man in quiet clothes, who extended a quiet hand. He introduced himself as Paul Riker, a Beverly Hills insurance broker, but the tremor in his voice said very worried client, which on New Year's Eve was something I could do without. Paul Riker: Mr. Marlowe. You've got to find Nancy Marshall for me, Marlowe: Just for a springboard, Mr. Riker, who is Nancy Marshall? Paul Riker: She's my fiance. We were to be married at my place in Beverly Hills tonight. Marlowe: On New Year's Eve? Paul Riker: Yes. You see it was at a New Year's Eve party a year ago that we met for the first time. Marlowe: Oh, when's you last hear from her? Paul Riker: About two hours ago, she called and said that she was in terrible trouble. That nobody, especially the police could help her, that well that the wedding was off. Marlowe: I see. You're sure it's not just a matter of you're being left at the altar, huh? Paul Riker: Another man. Oh, oh no, no, I I'm certain that's not it. Now, please, Mr. Marlowe, will you help me? Marlowe: Mr. Riker? To you New Year's Eve means wedding bells, but to me, it's something else, specifically a cozy little apartment on Wilshire Boulevard, where there's a very nice girl and a couple of chilled bottles of sham ... Paul Riker: What is it, Mr. Marlow? What, what's wrong? Marlowe: Shh. There's somebody outside. Get away from that door! Quick! SFX: SHOTS FIRED Marlowe: Whoever threw those shots through the frosted glass of my office door wasn...


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