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Author: Shandra L. McDonald

Thirty percent of students drop out of college during the 1st year. The transition from high school to college is a struggle for many students. I interview current and former college students about their freshman year experience and I invite guests who share topics relevant to college life. Join me as we discuss how to survive, thrive, and graduate. Academic Survival: The Podcast That Gets Freshmen to Graduation.
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A Nurse Practitioner's Approach to Healthcare: Student Aryss Richardson Interviws Dr. Angela Allen-Washington
Episode 20
Wednesday, 15 May, 2024

In this episode, I turn the mic over to Aryss Richardson, who is a high school senior simultaneously taking college courses. She aspires to be a nurse. I've arranged for her to interview the esteemed Dr. Angela Allen-Washington, a doctor of nursing practice with over 20 years of experience. I really wanted her to have the opportunity to interview someone in her career field of interest and was excited to make this happen. The central theme of the episode revolved around nursing, healthcare, and the essential components of patient-provider relationships, providing valuable insights for those considering a career in nursing or healthcare industry. Here are the detailed show notes from the episode:- Dr. Angela Allen-Washington emphasized the significance of collaborative care in addressing complex medical cases, showcasing an example of collaborating with a cardiologist to provide comprehensive care for a pediatric patient with a heart murmur. This underscores the importance of teamwork and effective communication in delivering holistic healthcare.- The episode delved into the critical aspect of fostering trust with patients. Dr. Allen-Washington emphasized active listening, engaging with patient concerns, and involving them in shared decision-making to build strong, trusting relationships. This illuminates the essential role of empathy and patient-centered care in nursing and healthcare professions.- The importance of staying abreast of healthcare advancements and the evolving industry landscape was highlighted. Dr. Allen-Washington shared her strategies, such as engaging in continuing education, joining professional organizations, and using diverse sources like articles, podcasts, journals, blogs, and social media to stay informed. This underscores the significance of lifelong learning and professional development in nursing and healthcare careers.Key takeaways from the episode:- Collaboration is vital in delivering comprehensive healthcare. 🤝- Active listening and patient engagement are integral to building trusting patient-provider relationships. 🎧- Continual knowledge acquisition and adaptability are essential for success in the evolving healthcare landscape. 📚


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