The Weekend Splurge  

The Weekend Splurge

Author: Nethmini Sirimanne

Unscripted, Unedited, Unlimited. Just friends having a discussion about endless and limitless thoughts. Social issues, the weather, shower thoughts, what were having for dinner- you name it! Hi I'm Nethmini, and I'm here if you need to talk! Just drop a DM to @nethiaiyoo on Instagram and let's get to it! (you can remain anonymous too!) Main languages will be Sinhala and English - my Tamil needs a lot of work before its ready! So I give my apologies!
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2.3 Wartime, Experience, The Medical System - Dr. Gamini Goonetilleke
Episode 3
Saturday, 10 October, 2020

Be sure to check out Dr Goonetilleke's page! Timstamps; 1:24 Special day 4:30 University experience 9:50 School experience 11:25 Internship experience 14:04 Life as a surgeon during war 33:05 Sharing knowledge  40:17 University life 41:53 School life 44:00 Children under stress 47:26 Time for digitalisation 49:00 Difficulty in getting people to listen 50:17 Trauma Control Program 1:01:07 Politicisation 1:01:41 Importance of experience 1:03:14 Problems in the SL medical system 1:12:55 Complications 1:14:05 Advice 1:17:09 Importance of experience 1:17:25 "In the line of duty" book 1:21:44 Journey to Jaffna


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