Shattered Souls  

Shattered Souls

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What happens when a double homicide case lands in your lap? What if it is the oldest active cold case in the history of American true crime? What if your father held a family secret for fifty years before he confided in you that one of the victims was your great-great uncle and that your grandfather had been held as a suspect? What if the murders happened during the most corrupt era our nation has ever known? And what if you are a retired detective, like me, with the unique skill set needed to figure out an 87-year-old family mystery? Well, you put everything else on hold and set out to solve it. This is my story. Shattered Souls: The Car Barn Murders is presented by CrimeOnline and iHeartPodcasts. Music by Sam Johnson
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Episode 17: "Fait Accompli"
Episode 17
Tuesday, 12 July, 2022

Karen wraps up this part of the Car Barn Murders series with her assessment of accomplices Walter Oliver and Robert Janney along with a breakdown of the statement of Francis Gregory. Please go to the Shattered Souls Facebook page for insider details and to render your verdicts on the case. Stay tuned for future episodes and a few surprises! Thank you for listening!See for privacy information.


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