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Cuz if ya not ova sharin, ya totally not carin

Author: Sharon & Brandon

Welcome to the Over Sharon Show, where Sharon and Brandon over share their experiences and thoughts on topics like esoteric knowledge, consciousness, natural law, this realm, alchemical ideas, cosmology, victim narrative, solutions (to despair), self -healing We take these words, phrases and ideas and simplify them into everyday speech (breaking em down for us simple folk) while totally oversharing personal info, past experiences, and our most important questions.
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Genres: Education, Philosophy, Self-Improvement, Society & Culture

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Over Sharon 101 - Joe on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - MBTI Personality Types & Traits
Episode 101
Thursday, 29 February, 2024

Sharon and Brandon invite Joe back to the show, this time to chat about MBTI, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This personality assessment, based on Jungian Psychology has been on our radar for years, and for months now, we've been hinting about this much-awaited episode. Join us for an informal discussion on why we like these ideas of personality types and the insights they bring. If you're in over your head at any point, don't fret; this is only the beginning of a series on the MBTI personality types, and we will be giving more clarity to these abstract ideas. #MBTI #MyersBriggs #PersonalityTypes #16Types #16PersonalityTypes #JungianPsychology #CarlJung #PersonalityPsychology #PersonalityProfile #ShadowWork #SelfHealing #SelfImprovement #KnowThyself   Over Sharon Show Links: Donate/Support the Show: Brandon's Book: Website: Podcast: Telegram Channel: YouTube: Brandon Bonanza   Links to Referenced Material: MBTI Tests Recommended by Joe (See which test gives you a result that resonates): CS Joseph's Test (UDJA): Personality Max: IDRlabs:   Some YouTube channels/playlists for MBTI content: EgoHackers Personlity Type Playlist (best introductory vids): EgoHackers (for clear, succint overviews): Frank James (for short, fun, insightful, comedic vids): Murcer of Mongolian Mindset (for typing vids): Dave "Super" Powers of Objective Personality (for deeper topics):


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