All Things Human with Adele Wang  

All Things Human with Adele Wang

Author: Adele Wang

Don't spend your life getting ready to live it. Connect to your purpose so you can connect more deeply to you yourself, your livelihood and other people. Sounds simple, but this can be challenging, especially if you're a perfectionist over-thinker. Get suggestions that work to help you create a life that matters.Join Adele Wang every Wednesday and Saturday for tips from her 17 years experience as a top coach supporting thousands of purpose-driven people around the world. Sometimes she'll interview thought-leaders who are creating innovative change. Other times she'll share what has worked for clients or herself for overcoming anxiety and finding clarity in a noisy and rapidly-changing ecosystem. If you're having trouble being the real you and you want a more purpose-driven life, this show is for you. Each episode contains gems to help you uncover your own magic. What are you meant to be doing? How can you create the most evocative life possible? You only live once. Make it your best.
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Trouble saying "no" -- lessons in dating that could have been a serious disaster
Thursday, 1 December, 2022

Saying "no" is hard for many people. It's especially challenging when part of you isn't completely against something, and part of you is still feeling "off" inside. Being talked into something results in people making decisions they often regret, often because they don't want to the other person's feelings. And then upon hindsight, they blame themselves for going along with things they didn't want. What do you do when it's a confusing internal combination of, "Yes, kind of" and "No, I don't want to"? Listen in on one client's dating scenario when she had trouble saying "no" and part of her mind was saying "well, maybe". This is a situation that, fortunately, did not result in what could have been a very dangerous on many levels. The story might be different for a lot of people but the internal experience might be familiar for many people who struggle to say "no" and setting boundaries.*** If you're serious about a fun and awakening experience, don't miss this upcoming experience: grab a free gift from me here, "The Ultimate Women's Stress Relief Guide": you're stuck in your head and need a powerful tool to find peace, grab my "Inner Stillness" meditation here: we a match to work together? Book a Discovery Conversation here:


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