Becoming: Growing into Adulthood  

Becoming: Growing into Adulthood

Telling the stories of those who have come before us

Author: Emerson Courtney

Becoming is a podcast created to inspire and entertain listeners as they learn life advice from friends, mentors, and employers - anyone who has ever been 18 and would have advice to share. Emerson Courtney interviews guests of various ages to answer the question, What did you wish you knew when you were 18? From college seniors, to mentors, to parents, to grandparents, each person has a unique perspective to share. As humans, we are continually growing and becoming the people we were created to be. Follow along to listen to advice that can be applied in daily life.
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004: Gayle Courtney on Hospitality and Family
Episode 4
Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

Today is a really sweet episode for me because Gayle Courtney is on the podcast. She is my paternal grandmother, and someone I really look up to. We were able to have a really sweet conversation about hospitality and loving other people well. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode of Becoming: Growing into Adulthood.


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