The Better Questions  

The Better Questions

Author: Claire Giovino

What if one answer could change the trajectory of your entire life? Welcome to the podcast that overcomes psychological barriers by asking better questions. Each episode uncovers different sticking points and explores practical ways to become "unstuck." We'll unpack questions about potential, self-worth, fear and the creative process with psychologists, authors and thought leaders. If youre craving more substance and ready to dive deep, youve come to the right place.
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How Stored Trauma Shows Up In Daily Interactions - Dr. MaryCatherine McDonald
Episode 30
Tuesday, 28 February, 2023

"We have our most profound healing relationally and we are most profoundly triggered relationally — trauma both needs to be spoken and feels impossible to speak." Dr. MaryCatherine McDonald is a trauma researcher and author of Unbroken: The Trauma Response Is Never Wrong, which you can preorder now. After spending over a decade researching and lecturing on grief and resilience, MC now helps her coaching clients alchemize their trauma responses into new tools of strength.  We examine questions like: - What is the actual definition of trauma?  - Where do trauma responses show up in our daily interactions?  - How does trauma get stored and backed up in the body? What stood out to you in this episode? Tag @thebetterquestions and to share your thoughts! To receive all the behind-the-scenes thoughts and questions from this episode, sign up for my newsletter at This podcast is sponsored by Book your free call here and never worry about money again.


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