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An episode by episode review of HBOs Award winning debut drama series, Oz. Go beyond the walls of the Oswald Maximum Security Penitentiary. Follow the show on Twitter & Instagram - @insideozpodcast. Email the show at
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S4(B)E13 - Blizzard of ’01
Episode 13
Thursday, 11 May, 2023

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Lance Reddick A snowstorm hits the area surrounding Oz. Following the death Fred ‘Nuggets’ Wick as part of the Aging Pill Experiment, Gloria’s career hangs in the balance as the family files a big money lawsuit suing for malpractice. Claire finishes her “fuck-buddy” relationship with Ryan, seeking some new blood. Not looking to stray too far, she puts the moves on Cyril. Following a Cyril attack on Claire, the latest of Cyril’s violent outbursts, the staff contemplate transferring Cyril to the Connolly Institute. Fearing for his brother’s wellbeing should he leave Oz, Ryan receives life-changing news. Seeking answers, Ryan summons his Father for a visit. As Busmalis’ Wedding approaches, Beecher proposes the idea of staging a Bachelor Party, a tricky prospect considering their situation. That’s the least of their troubles though as Busmalis makes a confession to Rebadow the night before the big day. Not that Busmalis should be worried any way, being 45 minutes late isn’t “LATE late” any way, no matter what the Weather brings. With Schillinger preoccupied following the arrival of his new Grandchild, and also struggling with the absence of Keller, Beecher quickly makes a new enemy in the form new arrival Edward Galson. He likes to be called Colonel don’t you know. Beecher receives the news that he could be eligible for Parole after all, something which he’d seemed to have given up hope on achieving. All he has to do is keep a low profile and stay out of trouble, which surely Beecher can manage to do, right? Carlton ‘Tug’ Daniels joins The Homeboy’s ranks following his conviction of the attempted murder of Supreme, as Burr attempts to put his plan to cease control of Em City into action. He gets word to Omar that he’s the one tasked with killing Supreme, as Jia puts himself forward as an ally, volunteering to kill Morales. Sensing that a lot of innocent people could get caught up in the mayhem, Augustus wrestles with his conscience. Having previously struck a deal with Robson to murder Said, Leroy (now known as Salah Udeen) confesses his sin to his new Imam. Feeling slighted, Robson enlists Carl Jenkins to carry out the murder instead. Also on this episode: A tribute to Lance Reddick, Oz’s questionable CCTV system, can you actually buy Ryan’s infamous Ireland Tracksuit top?, we take a flick through Alvin’s magazines as Clayton continues to cause problems in Unit J, “starting for your LA Lakers at Small Forward, #17 Jackson Vahue!”, Ray and Cloutier get Ecumenical, I nail the word Pharmacodynamic on the first take, Giles looks to get stoned, and which country in 2001 had the highest number of English speakers? All of this and more on the Series 4(B) Episode 13, Blizzard of ‘01 Follow the show on Instagram & Twitter - @insideozpodcast Follow the show on Mastodon - Email The Show – #InsideOz Mom Cares -


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