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An episode by episode review of HBOs Award winning debut drama series, Oz. Go beyond the walls of the Oswald Maximum Security Penitentiary. Follow the show on Twitter & Instagram - @insideozpodcast. Email the show at
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S4(B)E15 - Even The Score
Episode 15
Thursday, 18 April, 2024

“……alive?” With Beecher’s Parole Hearing drawing near, Pete arranges for him to meet with The Rockwells. With Carl Jenkins dead and due to a lack of testimony, Robson is set to be released from Solitary much to Said’s annoyance. A fight between the two in the library, resulting in Said being sent to The Hole only makes matters worse as a War begins to brew amongst The Aryans and The Muslims. Following an incident in the Cafeteria, Vahue is carrying an injury ahead of Game 2 of the Basketball Series. Rather than postpone the game, Vahue demands to play on as an NBA talent scout arrives at Oz to take a look at Dave. Could his dreams of playing in the big leagues be about to come true? As The Homeboys continue to plot against Augustus, Edward makes a discovery, leading to Tug going to Inmates Court. In an attempt to make his problem with Giles wanting to be stoned to death go away, Devlin arrives at Oz to try and persuade Pete to declare Giles insane so that he can transfer Giles to the Connolly Institute. Pete refuses to lie about Giles’ mental state, leading to the State Supreme Court to have the final say. With Cyril’s transfer to the Connolly Institute still a possibility, Ryan looks to have Clare taken out of the equation. He can’t do it himself though, so he seeks the help of Alvin. Following a frosty first meeting, Ryan comes to Padraig’s aide following another fight between Padraig, Timmy and Jim. As their new partnership begins to blossom, and after an inspirational meeting with Suzanne, Ryan seeks an answer from Gloria with regards to his escape plan. Following the outcome, Ryan looks to prove to his countryman that he is in fact “True Irish” and in it for the cause. Padraig has other ideas though. Also on this episode: The podcast’s prolonged absence gets addressed, OJ Simpson gets the tribute he deserves, the beef between Chico & Omar leads to a Shakedown in Em City, Schillinger confronts Carrie as to who Jewel’s father is, where has BD Wong gone?, the crimes of Governor George Ryan, and Mr T wants us to treat our mothers right. All of this and more on the Series 4(B) Episode 15, Even The Score Follow the show on Instagram & X (formally Twitter) - @insideozpodcast Follow the show on Threads - Follow the show on Mastodon - Email The Show – #InsideOz Blake Robbins on Instagram - @blake.robbins


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