The Young Jedi Knights Club  

The Young Jedi Knights Club

Author: Cam Siemer and Sam Stovold

The monthly podcast where Star Wars and '90s nostalgia collide as Cam and Sam discuss each book in the Young Jedi Knights series and more!
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Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, TV & Film

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BONUS - The 2nd Annual Lowie Awards
Wednesday, 8 March, 2023

Don your finest ooglith cloaker for another walk down the ginger fur carpet... it's the 2nd Annual Lowie Awards! In this very specific, literature-leaning, Star Wars-centric version of the Oscars, we completely reject the Academy's definition of Adapted Screenplay and continue to revel in our favorite year of 1997 before everything just devolves into an all-out Andor lovefest! 


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