Oh Dear, I'm a Volunteer  

Oh Dear, I'm a Volunteer

Author: Lisa Schipperijn

A podcast by me, Lisa, I'm from the Netherlands and I'm 18 years old, currently a volunteer in Croatia in an Erasmus programme for 1 year. Every episode features a new guest and we will discuss about a topic related to volunteering, living abroad and everything that comes with it. So, this one is for every volunteer or anyone who is interested in it ;)
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Episode 2 - Staying motivated to keep volunteering with Claudia
Episode 2
Wednesday, 10 July, 2019

In the second episode of Oh Dear, I'm a Volunteer me and Claudia Marinho discuss staying motivated while being abroad, missing home, people leaving their project, how to make friends and much more. Claudia is a Portuguese volunteer who is volunteering in Zagreb doing a lot of different tasks. Me and Claudia actually met on our on-arrival training back in October and since then we have stayed in contact. So, enjoy listening!


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