A Special Place in Hell  

A Special Place in Hell

Two girls, one podcast.

Author: Meghan Daum & Sarah Haider

There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." Madeleine Albright The hosts Meghan Daum and Sarah Haider, are two very different women separated by a generation and also wildly divergent life choices. Both Sarah and Meghan feel that our discourse is fucked too politicized, too performative, and increasingly separated from reality. This podcast will offer an alternative to the nonsense: a space to think differently about culture, society, and especially sex (specifically whats good about it, whats bad about it and what we can and cant do about any of it).
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Razib Khan Visits A Special Place
Friday, 10 March, 2023

We’re still here! Thanks for your patience as we get things in place for the new season. In this episode, our last audio-only episode before we sell give away our souls to YouTube, problematic geneticist Razib Khan joins the ladies to talk about all the stuff you’re not supposed to talk about when it comes to human DNA. Topics include Hindu nationalism, Arab social control, and how tall Sarah’s husband needs to be if any of her boys have a prayer of not being undateable manlets. Even though Meghan is taller than Sarah, much of the discussion goes over her head. This is underscored by one particularly embarrassing moment, which Meghan, because she’s Authentic AF, did not insist on editing out. #YoureWelcome. In the BONUS content for paying subscribers only: We backbite about Razib. Note: This episode was recorded awhile ago. More recently, Sarah was on Razib’s podcast talking about the “intellectual brown web” (whaaat??) which you can hear here but only after you listen to this one. To learn more about Razib, visit Coming soon: New YouTube Channel: A Special Place In Hell


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