The Nanny State: A Podcast About The Muppet Babies  

The Nanny State: A Podcast About The Muppet Babies

Return to the nursery with Chip and Dave as we rewatch The Muppet Babies cartoon from the 80s

Author: The Nanny State

Two guys review the original Muppet Babies cartoon series, episode by episode.
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S1E7: Wait, *We're* Fozzie!
Thursday, 15 July, 2021

We're back together, but the babies are worried about getting split up after overhearing Nanny planning to get rid of one of them. Can they survive (or thrive!) in the big scary world? Can Dave avoid giving away the punchline? Can we get a bigger audience or just make one out of trash? Season 1, … Continue reading "S1E7: Wait, *We're* Fozzie!"


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