Virgo Season  

Virgo Season

Author: Major Theory

What's better than one Virgo? That's easy, two Virgos with a lot to say. Virgo Season is an ongoing conversation between friends covering everything from culture to life as a married man (Ryan) and a single woman (Today with a J). There's nothing off the table. Listen in as Ryan and Joyhdae (aka Today with a J) entertain you with their conversations on all things life. Two Virgos hosting a podcast about just about everything? What could go wrong? Nothing. Because they're Virgos. So please pull up a seat and listen in on their conversations; you're guaranteed to come back and join in on the conversation. Welcome to Virgo Season. 
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The Petty Files
Episode 37
Monday, 25 September, 2023

Welcome to The Petty Files!This week The Virgos celebrate Ryan’s birthday and leap right into the mess.New York's Mixxy Mayor is up to his usual antics, and the hosts are here to dish on his questionable choices, from hanging out with women half his age to neglecting his job duties.But it's not all shade! The Virgos dive into the state of Black love in the entertainment world, from Teyana and Iman to Remy Ma and Papoose. Is true love in Hollywood a rare find? (Cue the Black Eyed Peas song!)Tyler Perry is known for his dramatic movies, but are his portrayals of real life on point? Ryan and Joyhdae share their candid thoughts on whether life imitates art in Perry's world.And finally, Kirk Franklin's emotional documentary has The Virgos in their feelings. Tune in as they discuss the healing and triggering aspects of this impactful film.Don't miss this week's episode of Virgo Season!


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