Supernatural Circumstances  

Supernatural Circumstances

A podcast for the curious about the unseen, the mysterious and other incredible things.

Author: Mike Browne & Morgan Knudsen/Curiouscast

Supernatural Circumstances is a groundbreaking podcast hosted by award-winning paranormal researcher Morgan Knudsen (Haunted Hospitals & Paranormal 911) and true crime podcaster Mike Browne (Dark Poutine Podcast). In this captivating series, they investigate true supernatural cases, analyzing the factors that contribute to extraordinary phenomena, and delve into the fascinating exploration of consciousness. From life after death exploration to quantum creatures and sudden psychic abilities, they bring their expertise to the table, featuring interviews with eyewitnesses, scientists, law enforcement, academic parapsychologists, and field researchers. Prepare for an intriguing exploration of the unexplained in this energetic, fascinating, and mind-blowing podcast that leaves us all questioning what we thought we knew!
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Phantom Tales - Jim Harold's Most Thrilling True Ghost Stories
Episode 24
Monday, 13 May, 2024

In this conversation with Morgan and Mike, Jim Harold discusses his new book, True Ghost Stories 6, and shares some of the intriguing stories featured. He discusses the importance of sharing these stories and how they can provide comfort and inspiration. The conversation also touches on the broader concept of the paranormal and people's different experiences. Jim shares personal stories and highlights the protective and heartwarming aspects of the paranormal. The conversation concludes by discussing these experiences' significance and the connections between loved ones. In this conversation, Jim Harold shares intriguing stories from his book 'True Ghost Stories: Jim Harold's Campfire 6'. The stories include a shared death experience, a strange school day, and encounters with invisible beings. They discuss the possibility of multiple realities and the ability of animals to perceive the paranormal. The conversation highlights the importance of sharing these experiences and the empowerment from knowing we are not alone. Jim Harold's books: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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