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Brain Junk

Author: Trace Kerr and Amy Barton

Brain Junk is an off-the-wall, totally unbelievable but true podcast where Amy Barton and Trace Kerr shake up science & history in the hunt for answers to questions you never knew you wanted to know. We bring you the inside scoop on things like: Can goldfish drive? How do whales not drown while eating? Who had the first prosthetic eye? We cannonball off the question high dive every other Tuesday -- those of you in the front seats, bring your ponchos. We're out to flood your brain.
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313: Bat Chat 2!
Tuesday, 11 June, 2024

Amy's bringing the BATS. We've got more cool facts about bat communication and how some of them compete for food (it's sonic warfare for sure). Show Notes: Episode 214 Sky Puppies Mama fruit bats and their kiddos Episode 242 Bat Chat 1 A smorgasbord of bat shenanigans University of Bristol: Bats avoiding collisions in the air YouTube Lens of Time Roll to minute 5:20 for bat smacks Science: Bats jam each other's signals just like humans jam cell phones National Geographic: Bats jam each other's sonar The Sensory & Movement Ecology Lab @ UCCS Science: Tiger moths jam bat echolocation!!! Southwest Research Station


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