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Green Dragon Live is for anyone who has, or has ever wanted to go to J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. Whether it is your first or eleventy-first time, we will be your guide through the Lord of The Rings, the Hobbit, the Silmarillion, and everything else that has to do with this world. We will dig deep and bring you all of the information you need to deepen your love and knowledge of Middle-earth.
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43. B3:C2 - The Riders of Rohan [LoTR Read Along]
Episode 43
Saturday, 6 October, 2018

The Nicks are running across Rohan! Or at least the three hunters are. Join us as we attempt to catch up with our enemies in order to rescue our friends, but keep a wary eye out for clues, and for horsemen.   Maps Map of Middle-earth interactive map - Caution: spoilers for new readers! Notes for this episode   Now we see Aragorn “The greatest traveller and huntsman of this age of the world” (B1C2 - first mention)   Orcs of different factions White Hand - Orthanc, Saruman’s Uruk Hai - Orc Men Northern - Misty Mountains? Gundabad? Moria From the East - Mordor Orcs Aragorn longing for Gondor We see the King waiting for his time Eagle! Traveling away back to the North First sight of the orcs they’re chasing - 12 leagues or more 1 league = 3 miles Spring has come to Rohan Hobbit evidence - the brooch (Pippin is smaller - pin) Debate to rest or not - Gimli and Legolas stick Aragorn with the choice “An ill chooser”, we see the angst of having had bad chance before We are a side-quest (paraphrase) Choose sleep Legolas, standing - do Elves sleep? Rest their minds, sleep with eyes open, blending dreams with wakefulness Day 1 - ran all night Day 2 - ran all day - debated rest, and slept Day 3 Aragorn hears hoofs - riding northward - “What is happening in this land?” Huzzah for lembas Observations from the narrator seem to be from Aragorn’s POV he is noting the differences and strangeness along the way Eastemnet - used to be a  place where the Rohirrim helpt their herds but now it is empty (Darkness and danger is growing) Eomer admits to removing all the people and animals for safety - Saruman has claimed the land, and there is war between Isengard and Rohan Twice 12 leagues (72 miles) ON FOOT in two days and a night! “There is some will that lends speed to our foes and sets an unseen barrier before us.” “The will is not behind (Sauron/Mordor) but before us.” “Saruman” Day 4 (after another rest) Red Dawn The orcs rested - thrice 12 hours between the 2 groups End of day 4 - moving slowly Day 5 Fangorn North-west - 10 leagues Riders! - 105 - yellow hair - their leader is very tall - 5 leagues away - 3 empty saddles Wait for them to approach The Rohirrim Proud and willful True-hearted Generous in thought and deed Bold but now cruel Wise but unlearned Writing no books but singing many songs Long friends of Gondor Kin to the Bardings of Dale and the Beornings The horse people Sons or Eorl (Are the men of Dale from the East? Is Rohan the most successful (largest “Easterling” civilization?) Eomer (leader) - has a Gondorian accent when speaking the common tongue Eomer’s suspicions anger Gimli (Legolas) “No evil to Rohan, nor to its folk, neither man or horse.” (are the horses considered folk?) Riddermark - “Rider Land”? Aragorn draws his sword and names himself. Eomer immediately accepts his claim refers to him as “Lord” “What is the meaning of the dark words?” (The dream that sent Boromir to Rivendell) Eomer knows Boromir, Rohan lent him a horse, which returned riderless Halflings! - “Do we walk in legends?” Gandalf - known - has lost favor with the king Saruman was a friend, now there is trouble Shadowfax - the most precious of the king's steeds, Chief of the Mearas (the sire of their race was the great horse of Eorl) (What is this story?) 7 nights ago (two days before Boromir died) Shadowfax returned - wild Boromir’s death - “great harm is this death to Minas Tirith” Wingfoot I name you - 45 leagues on foot in 4 days (135 miles) Orcs, slain and burned Eomer decides what to do with the travelers - Lends them horses - gets a promise of their coming to the King Hasufel and Arod Gimli on a horse is as Sam in a boat The place of the great burning “There are some things it is better to begin than to refuse, even though the end may be dark.” Gimli starts a fire - have a care, cut no living wood - the tree is happy for the warmth, the forest is brooding - dangerous And old bend man, white cloak, wide-brimmed hat The horses are gone! Links Twitter Facebook iTunes/Apple Podcast Stitcher Google Play Music YouTube Special thanks to our friend Harry Murrell for the use of his music. Listen to more and subscribe to his channel here.  


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