The Oasis Midnight Broadcast  

The Oasis Midnight Broadcast

Author: Thank You for Doing This Productions

Evan Ayers is an aspiring podcaster working the graveyard shift at the Dekalb oasis, a truck stop on a midwestern tollway. While attempting to interview everyday Americans he encounters Frankie, an entity in the vents, and gets sucked into a series of supernatural events that threaten to ruin his show and his life. (New episodes every other Friday at 12am CST!)
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Episode 15: The Big Night Part 2
Episode 15
Thursday, 4 November, 2021

The big night continues with the most explosive surprises to date...ImprovOur show is partly written, partly improvised!Our improv sections this week include:Evan's monologue 12:47-13:30Frankie's monologue 15:57-16:08VoicesEvan Ayers - Aidan MurphyFrankie - Jay FareBrass - Robby AppletonKnuckles - Robby AppletonBruce Killgore - Duncan CochranRamona Lake - Mars PassmoreMiranda - Meghan MohnCrystal - Meghan MohnLenny Burgess - Aidan MurphyRalph - Holden Wertheimer-MeierChip Insley - Patrick EganMarkus - Jay FareCarol - Jay FareSoundsThank you to for providing our recurring sounds. Our new sounds this week are:High heels — Audio VampireBoots walking — Epidemic Sound EffectsTelephone — Gaming Sound Effects and Sound LaboratoryThuds — All SoundsKnife cutting — All SoundsChair sliding — All SoundsHandshake — Sound EffectsMic feedback — Gina JorgensonSingle clapper — Gaming Sound FXPolite applause — Sound ModsLight applause — Dr. Sound EffectsCough — All SoundsLaughs — X Sound EffectMatch — Picture to soundClearing throat — Audio LibraryCrowd gasp — Sound laboratoryC4 — Sound Effects FactoryCrowd wet run — Sound Effects DatabaseRunning feet — All SoundsGunshot -- Mister SoundTruck sounds — Sound Effects RelaxationTruck passing — Audio LibraryCar passing — Motion ArrayCar crash — n BeatsSkid — Berlin AtmospheresDistant sirens — Carly KilgardMetal Frantic Door Knocks 1 - TRPWritten by Aidan Murphy.Edited by  Aidan Murphy.Story created by Aidan Murphy and Jay Fare.Opening and ending theme by Eve's Cleaver.Art by Bronze Archer Illustrations (@bronzearcher on Instagram, @theBronzeArcher on Facebook)Do YOU have a spooky story to share? Feedback to give? Tweet @TheEvanAyers or email! We welcome tales short and tall, pictures from road trips, and anything you've seen going on in our beloved Midwest.You can follow us on Facebook or tumblr to get episode updates and more!If you like the show please tell your friends, and subscribe! Having more subscribers helps us get more traffic! Honk honk!The Oasis Midnight Broadcast is brought to you by Thank You for Doing This Productions.


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