mind of mica.  

mind of mica.

Author: Mica Michelle

a mind is a terrible thing to waste, so i just say whatever the fuck is on it.
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episode 8(did ya miss me??)
Episode 8
Saturday, 17 December, 2022

looooook, life has been life'ing me but i am back. major announcements coming soon. but this week we're gonna unpack some icky ass nurses getting fired, drake and his 42 rangs, chrisean and bluefaces catastrophe of a show, r. kelly and the last thing he has left to give; the audacity, my stoner sister brittany griner being released and subjected to who knows what, diddy you ARE the father, derrick raggedy ass jackson and his divorce, dj wackademics coming for women once again cus he wants to have a vagina(convinced), scammy sammy friedman extradited back to america, and the trial of the new millenium; MEG VS MINI MAN AND RAGGEDY ROACH!


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