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Two friends have honest conversation about movies every Sunday .Not a bad way to waste an hour

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Two friends having honest conversations about movies. New episodes on Sundays.
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SPoooooky Season 2023 : M3GAN
Episode 286
Friday, 29 September, 2023

BOOOO! WE are back and this time we are taking a spooky look into the 2023 surprise cult hit of the year... M3GAN . No matter how you say it . this movie is a really fun time . Though is it "MA 3 GAN" "MEGAN" or MEH GAN" .. I say MA 3 GAN , because I believe in tradition    ntro song The Privates- WE are really Rocking Now, Haven't We Twitters @moviemayhempod   insta @moviemayhempodcast   Letterbox  @movemayhempodcast Email


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