Happy Hour: The Definitive 7th Heaven Walkthrough  

Happy Hour: The Definitive 7th Heaven Walkthrough

Author: Morgan & Greg

The hit 90's television program 7th Heaven is taken to task by two buzzed neighbors just trying to make it through a worldwide pandemic. Tune in for biweekly, and entirely unwholesome, episode-by-episode analysis of the campiest and most convoluted show to ever hit the airwaves. Plus craft cocktail recipes in honor of "Happy" as Happy. Send letters care of
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Don't Talk to Me
Episode 19
Sunday, 20 November, 2022

Oh boy, time for yet another episode about the perils of miscommunication that itself has a very difficult time getting its point across. This week we are joined by girl/friend of the show Tina to discuss some of the most unexpected standalone scenes on 7th Heaven yet. Also, exciting news! We decided to make a discord for our community to come chat about the show. You can join it here:  We drank:Odd Bailey's ConcoctionsRed WineCherry Pomegranate Sparkling Water


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