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Discover what lies behind truth's protective layers with host Lex Gordon. Every 10 days new episodes give you top clearance to deep reports on fringe topics such as UFOs, Ancient Mysteries, Unexplained Phenomena, Cryptids, Unsolved Crimes, and Conspiracies, all delivered in a fun and informative style. Come explore these deeply researched and logically presented 1-hour reports so you can separate official story agenda from the disinformation of junk conspiracy.
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Simulacra & Simulation: What is the Matrix? - RF029
Tuesday, 20 September, 2022

This is Renegade Files Episode 29, Simulacra & Simulation: What is the Matrix?In this episode we will explore the depths of Jean Baudrillard’s 1981 philosophical treatise, Simulacra and Simulation. In broad terms, this book examines the relationships between reality and the symbolisms within culture, media, and society.In this way Baudrillard asserts that our modern society is living in a simulation of reality. However, Baudrillard’s Simulation is not the computer-generated dreamworld of much conspiracy lore speculation, but something far more mind-bending.Merchandise http://therenegadefiles.comSupport Renegade files by going to and joining the Renegade Files Agency for just a few bucks and in return you get Bonus Episodes, extra content, and other rewards like a tshirt or episode shout out depending on the level of support. Supporting the show on Patreon helps keep Renegade Files free and ad free, and it lets me create these episodes for you, independently… so thanks. --------------------------My research of this episode owes a thank you to the podcast: Theory & Philosophy by David Guignion. Here are the links to his show:Theory & Philosophy - YouTube‎Theory & Philosophy on Apple PodcastsTheory & Philosophy | Podcast on Spotify--------------------------Music: Theme Song: “Steve’s Djembe” by Vani, FMA, licensed: Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 License.“Morpheus” by Stone Calculus, DV8NOW Records, licensed: Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 License.“Small crowd cheering and clapping 3” by Tomlija, FMA, licensed: Creative Commons BY 4.0 License


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